Automatic chicken and poultry door openers, drinkers and accessories for you and your hens

Spring has Sprung and it’s been a hard one here in the UK, tough on all livestock and no doubt both you and your chickens are looking forward to some warmer days and sunshine for the summer.

But keep alert for Red Mites and such like as it can be a devastating nightmare to control once they take a grip! We can offer you some more help on Red Mite and other pests later, but do be alert to the possibility and ready to take action.

But it’s a busy time of year looking after your chooks, we know! so makes sense to get the right tools to help keep your Hens happy and laying beautiful eggs and we know we can help you with some of those tasks.

Do you want some time out and/or increased flexibility about when you have to be there or a good friend or relative does to feed and water and let them in and out of their coop? Well here are just a few suggestions that might help;

Look forward to getting out in the sunshine some more this summer (here in the UK we are ever optimistic) and treat yourself to a couple of products so you don’t feel too ‘under the weather or Hen pecked yourself!  Take a look at our products they are all available to purchase online, easy to use and install and our prices include applicable taxes.

Nothing like a few antioxidants
Was up and out early today to enjoy the sunshine and my Strawberry Feast thanks to our Automatic Door, I didnt have to wait for Russ to remember

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