How to Choose Hens for your Garden in Telegraph

Lovely to have fresh eggs, great to know the exact provenance of your own food, when it has come straight from your own garden. Make no mistake, there is no real substitute for the colour of a fresh cracked egg, a golden yellow gift from your hens that very morning. Now at Moore Estates we are very fond and proud breeders of fine Orpington Bantams and it’s for that reason we picked-up the attached Telegraph article and thought that would be a handy set of hints for anyone contemplating wouldn’t it be nice to have fresh eggs from the garden.

So do take a look it will help you decide. Think about your set-up, try and get a Hen House thats easy to clean. It’s a novelty at the start but that soon wares off we find. Also try and get one with a vertical door, because then you can be certain, that when you want the odd wekend away, it won’t be a great burden to your helpful family and friends. You will find they are much more willing to help if they know the Hens will automatically go in and the door shut at dusk…

Take a look at the article and also their pointers about how to make Hens happy, because happier hens yield great quality eggs and are much more fun to have around your family.

Here is the first article How to Choose Hens for the Garden, well worth a look and also how to keep your Hens happy. One thing to think about is as the weather starts to turn and the days are really getting short now, so just wait till the clocks change, an automatic chicken / hen house door opener is a handy gadget for poultry lovers to invest in

Finally don’t forget happy hens make life better for your productive birds, you and your family so don’t miss these tips here either and your chooks will be chukling cheerily all the way to their nesting box!



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