Chicken Coop and Hen House Design

When you start to think about keeping Hens, Chooks, or Chicks that rapidly become larger birds, it is really good to plan ahead for what you might need in the future. Now here is a thing, no one says to you when you buy your first small Hen House, what are you going to do when you want a weekend or more away? Do they ? Nope they sure don’t so the last thing on your mind will be the type of door. But…

If you don’t choose the right type of door how will you ever get freedom from opening and closing the Hens House ever Again!

Helpful relatives and family friends might not mind now and again, but why not plan ahead and give yourself the chance for an easier life. Get a Vertical Sliding Door, that’s the answer and the reason being… It’s then easy when you have had enough of relentlessly trying to remember to let the hens out  and in, from Dawn till Dusk to fix with just 4 screws one of our great value Automatic Chicken Door Opener and Closing Controllers. Hence the helpful hint here, is don’t just think about a pretty looking house but one where you make it easier for the chooks, your family and most importantly you to let them in and out automatically.

Next on the agenda if you are ever to have that weekend away again, is a multi-day feeder and waterer. Hens are not happy if they are not regularly fed and watered. Carrying a jug-up to the hens isn’t the answer. Get a decent feeder and waterer, that are not easy for them to knock over, and that will last for a few days. One your neighbour or relative won’t mind checking once or twice but they wont be pestered with, or maybe forget to top-up and make sure the birds have got out and fed twice daily. It’s just too easy to forget, so why not make certain.

So if you want to have chickens and have a weekend away without hassle, here are a few key things to remember!

  1. Choose a Coop and Hen House Design that is big enough and gives you a vertical sliding door that is perfect for a later addition (our Dawn till Dusk Door Opener and Closing Controller.)
  2. A Multi-day robust water feeder, that holds enough water for the time you need, say at least a weekends worth.
  3. A multi-day Difficult to Spill Feeder with reserve container, so the birds get it just enough at a time and to minimise spills and inviting any unwanted rodent visitors.

And Maybe just ask before the weather gets bad for a Dawn till Dusk Door Opener, You can bet by Christmas that if you don’t, you might find yourself asking Santa for one…To start with it’s a novelty but like any much repeated activity it can get a little tedious. Better to be able to choose when you go and check on your chicks.


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