Automatic chicken and poultry door openers, drinkers and accessories for you and your hens


Automatic Chicken, Hen and Poultry Door Openers, Drinkers and Accessory Products.

More products and combinations are available, a selection listed below including Automatic Drinkers to go with your Door Opener and our great Aluminium Doors and Rails and that is just for starters. New products also featured for ease of location.

Automatic Hen House Door openers

Designed and made in the UK by us for our own use as well as chicken and poultry enthusiasts around the world. You can purchase the individual Unit to work with your own coop door or a combination Door and opener unit Kit or get the complete solution of the Door Opener and Closing Unit, the Drinker and Door with rails. The choice is yours.

Automatic CHICKEN COOP Nipple Drinkers

Leaders in Automatic Nipple drinkers for a range of sizes for a few hens at home or on your small holding, with the ability to daisy-chain multiple drinkers then check out our automatic gravity fed drinkers, againn designed and made by us in the UK.

Drinker Fittings & Accessories

If you want to find a way of using your Water Butt or tank as a fresh water supply for keeping your Hens thirst quenched and supplied on demand then take a look at our Converter, added recently to the website.


  • ship to UK Europe USA CAN and AU

    Automatic Chicken Coop Opener & Door

  • smooth running and no rust doors

    Aluminium Doors with Opener

  • Great value  easy to use

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